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What is Mindful Eating?

Eating Watermelon

During the last decades, we have learned

of new methods and the effects that

nutrition has in our bodies.

Mindful eating is an approach that

focuses on the awareness and experience

of the food. Connecting with the food

that we consume is an important factor when it comes to healthy eating habits. 

It may sound funny.. and you may wonder, What do I mean by connecting with your food?

Well, how many times have you eaten on the go? how many times have you forgotten to eat breakfast? how many times have you eaten lunch while driving to a meeting? many of us have the habit to eat dinner while sitting in front of the TV watching our favorite Netflix show and then we wonder why we feel super full after overeating. 

Does that sound familiar?

When I say, Connecting with your food I mean:

Being present. Being present with the food that you have in front of you and that you are consuming. 

Mindful Eating does not look at calories, carbohydrates, fats, or proteins. 

Practicing mindful eating helps you stay connected and present, and to have good healthy Eating habits.

Learn more about Mindful Eating and start your healthy habits journey today!